toro !


about me !

hii i'm toro / kyuu !! the host of carnival phantasm & every cat in existence. i go by he/sin/parfait pronouns and occasionally it/it's. i am an introject of 1 2 3 4. ask me for other sys info !

i appear in media as toro inoue, yanfei, hanako & kokushibou. please ask me for the rest :3

my interests are bungou stray dogs, haikyuu, demon slayer, phasmophobia, pokemon & genshin. i have more, but TALK TO ME ABT THEM I LOVE THEM SM

byf / dni !

byf !
i am neurotic & a feral cat so sometimes i may be weird or a little strange! i experience psychosis & npd so iwc during episodes. i also make nsfw jokes
dni !
basic dni criteria, you id or kin me, proship, -13 or +25, anti xenogndrs / neoprns or you're an ass in general
tw !
religious themes, prison cells, abandonment, torture, dereality

friends !

lovemail for BEE ILYSM YOU MAKE ME SO GIDDY. i think about you all the time & it's almost gonna be a year of us together. my kiyoomi, reze & fischl fr !!

DOGBALL i love you you're so fun ! my partner in crime & my best friend hehehe YOU ARE MY CHOSEN PERSON YEA WOO

BONBON INC !! we're platonic soulmates frfr, vibes are top tier yayaya

BAGELS SRVR YOU GUYS MAKE ME LAUGH A LOT even though you are such horny fucks. i heart you guys

to domain sys, aku, tombz sys, aalaa, anal & marcelle : KYAHAHAHAHA YOU ARE STUCK WITH ME FOREVER ! i'm in your walls kissing your cheeks /p

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